Faculty Biography

 David Correll, PhD

 Assistant Professor of Operations Research
 Graduate School of Management
 Clark University

 Phone: 202-468-6376
 Email: dcorrell@clarku.edu

Curriculum Vitae for Dr. Correll

PhD, Iowa State University
Supply Chain Management/Logistics

Research Interests

Supply chain design for sustainable production systems
Supply chain network modeling
Manufacturing flexibility
Production systems and the natural environment

Key Publications and Presentations

"The Diversity-Logistics Hypothesis." Target Journal: Journal of Cleaner Production.

Sustainability, Ethics, Entrepreneurship (SEE) Annual Meeting, May 2015 (Denver, CO). Journal of Supply Chain Management session, Selected Paper: "Towards An Epistemological Understanding of Sustainable Supply Chain Management: The Ethical Mediator View."

Correll, D.; Suzuki, Y. and Martens, B.J., “Biorenewable fuels at the intersection of product and process flexibility: A novel modeling approach and application". International Journal of Production Economics.  150 (2014) pp. 1-8

Correll, D.; Suzuki, Y. and Martens, B.J., “Logistical supply chain design for bioeconomy applications". Biomass & Bioenergy 66 (2014) pp. 60-69.

Correll, D. and Martens, B.J., “A Decision Support System for Biomass Aggregators.” Selected Paper at the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) Annual Meeting, November 2011 (Boston, MA).

Correll, D.; Suzuki, Y. and Martens, B.J., "Enhancing Biorenewable Crop Diversity: A Network Flow Model." Selected Paper at the Materials and Services Operations Management (M&SOM) Annual Meeting, Sustainable Operations Session, June 2011 (Ann Arbor, MI).