The Thackeray Lab
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Eric Britton, Undergraduate ‘10

Bio: I am currently a senior and am majoring in biology and also have minored in Economics. I plan on pursuing my master’s degree in biology by continuing my studies in the 5th year accelerated masters program. I have enjoyed the sciences my whole life and am excited to be a part of increasing the knowledge we have about the world around us.

Current Research:I am currently working on creating a gene construct that includes knockouts of the two SH2 regions in the PLC-g complex in Drosophila melanogaster. This involves the ligation of two previously created gene knockouts of these regions. This should help us further understand the PLC-g complex and its impact on development of Drosophila melanogaster.

My future in the field: This past summer I worked for a pharmaceutical company in their research and development lab. That experience coupled with my current lab work has made me really want to stay in the biology field. I have even begun to consider continuing my education past my Master’s degree to receive my doctorate and possibly become a professor.

More about me: When I’m not in the lab or studying I enjoy hanging out listening to music, going to the gym, or watching movies. I have also always enjoyed classic cars and would like to own a 68’ Camaro one day.

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