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Nancy Budwig 

Dr. Nancy Budwig has been actively engaged with the study of knowledge and development with two main directions pursued in recent years.  Growing out of her scholarship on human development and experience in Clark University’s academic administration is a set of projects related to issues of Knowledge and Practice. This work considers ways in which new conceptions of knowledge and practice within the human and learning sciences impacts the organization of the modern university.  Such views adopt a more sociocentric view of knowledge production and dissemination and more closely link knowledge and practice. A second set of projects focuses on the study of children’s language development from a usage-based perspective comparing children’s developmental processes cross-linguistically through empirical studies of children learning Albanian, Chinese, English, Hebrew and Hindi. Emphasis here is on how children come to apply linguistic knowledge learned in one setting to new contexts. A common thread between the two sets of projects is an interest in socio-cultural theories of human development and the study of situated cognition. Further information about Nancy’s research, as well as a brief bio-sketch and CV can be found at the links below:

Knowledge and Practice

Cross-linguistic Study of Language Development