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Knowledge, practice, and development

Budwig, N., Book Series Editor: Knowledge and Development.

Müller, U., Carpendale, J., Budwig, N., & Sokol, B. (Eds.). (2007). Social life and social knowledge: Developmental perspectives. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum/Taylor and Francis.

Bamberg, M., Budwig, N., & Valsiner, J. (Eds.). Rethinking knowledge, practice, and experience: Implications for the human sciences (in progress).

Gomes, J. and Budwig, N. (Eds.). University research for the new century (in progress).

Early grammatical development from a developmental-functionalist perspective

Smith, M., & Budwig, N. (2008). The development of verb-argument structure in child discourse: On the use of construction variation in peer play. Language in the context of use: Cognitive approaches to language and language learning. Mouton.

Uziel-Karl, S. & Budwig, N. (2007). The acquisition of non-agent subjects in child Hebrew: The role of input. In I. Gülzow & Natalia Gagarina (Eds.). Frequency effects in language acquisition: Defining the limits of frequency as an explanatory concept. de Gruyter.

Budwig, N., Narasimhan, B., & Srivastava, S. (2006). Interim solutions: The acquisition of early verb constructions in Hindi. In E. V. Clark & B. Kelly (Eds.). The acquisition of constructions. Stanford, CA: CSLI Press.

Narasimhan, B., Budwig, N., & Murty, L. (2005). Argument realization in Hindi child-caregiver discourse. Journal of Pragmatics, 37(4), 461-495.

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The role of grammar in the socialization of personhood

Budwig, N. (2004). Building bridges between developmental psychology and linguistic theorizing. Human Development, 47, 321-326.

Budwig, N. (2003). Context and the dynamic construal of meaning in early childhood. In C. Raeff, J. Benson, & J. Kruper (Eds.). Social and cognitive development in the context of individual, social, and cultural processes. N.J.: Routledge.

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Budwig, N. (2000). Language, practice, and the construction of personhood. Theory & Psychology, 10(6), 769-786.

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