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Starting in 2011, Knowledge and Development will be published by Cambridge University Press. Until 2010, the Knowledge and Development series was published by LEA/Psych Press under the title Jean Piaget Symposium Series. Further information can be found here.


Socialization, Communication, and Language Development: Language as Indexing Perspective and Stance

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The Socialization, Communication, and Language Development (SCLD LIPS) Research Group exemplifies Clark's tradition of linking faculty, graduate and undergraduate research. Our work focuses on two related themes. A first set of projects examines language development from a crosslinguistic framework and in relation to broader interactional and communicative processes. A second line of research examines the role language practices play in the socialization of self-other relations and mind. At the heart of all these projects is intense focus on issues of development how it is conceived and how methodologically we can find ways to examine development micro-genetically and across longitudinal time through careful functionally based linguistic analyses. A listing of current group participants can be found by clicking on members. For more specific information about our ongoing work, click current projects and related publications and presentations.