Bergmann Lab News

8.22.2012The Bergmann Lab welcomes Gen Morinaga, a new PhD student that is interested in functional morphology and ecology of reptiles and amphibians.
2.10.2012The Bergmann Lab now has functional high-speed video, 2D high-speed x-ray video (cinefluoroscopy), and force plate instruments ready to go!
1.18.2012The Bergmann Lab welcomes Kyle Pettinelli, a BS student interested in natively-occuring bullfrog deformities
10.17.2011The Bergmann Lab welcomes two new students: Mandy Gaudreau will be joining the lab as a PhD student in January 2012, and Kelsey Giedymin is a BS student that has joined the lab to explore research opportunities. Welcome to both!
10.8.2011At long last, Dr. Bergmann's work on the evolution of body shape and vertebral numbers on the diversification of squamate reptiles has been accepted in final form by Evolution.
10.6.2011Our c-arm fluoroscope has arrived. Although not yet fully set up, it will allow us to collect high-speed x-ray video data on small animals.
9.25.2011An exciting year is ahead with 6 students working in the lab on projects involving tadpoles, frogs, and basilisk lizards. Lots of new equipment will be up and running shortly.
11.01.2010Evolutionary functional morphology lab will formally begin operations at Clark University in January 2010.
We are currently looking for highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students that are interested in this area of research. To find out more, go to the opportunities section of the lab website for details on how to apply and possible research projects. Also browse through the research section of the website.
9.30.2010Dr. Bergmann's recent paper published in Evolution on body shape and locomotor evolution in lizards was featured in the "Current Research" section of the latest Herpetological Review (vol 41, no. 3, pp. 263-264).

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