China Websites

The Association for Asian Studies
Official website for the Association for Asian Studies, the main US-based scholarly organization for Asian specialists in all disciplines. Contains information on AAS publications and conferences, as well as employment listings and a comprehensive "links" page.
Warring States Project (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
Innovative research of Bruce and Taeko Brooks on the Warring States Period, tracking the formative intellectual developments of the 5th through the 3rd centuries BCE, leading up to the unification of the Qin Empire in 221 BCE.
China Historical GIS (Harvard University)
A remarkable collection of digitized historical maps of all kinds, from 222BCE to 1911 CE, combining historical, social, economic and geographic data using contemporary Geographic Information Systems technology.
Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
Maintained by the Australian National Library, this site contains comprehensive Asian Studies listings of on-line journals, information systems, databases, study abroad programs, and bookstores.
China Daily
English-language daily newspaper from the People's Republic of China.
China-Related Web Sites
A very useful annotated list of websites on China and Chinese history, from the University of California at San Diego.