ECON 250 Economics of Sport



Franchise Management


FFL is a 8-12  team Fantasy Football League. Students will have the opportunity to make league and front office financial decisions while also participating in head-to-head on-the-field competition. The simulation uses real NFL players in real time.

Getting started
Before the first week of the season, the team owners will be assigned to teams where their market sizes are different.  The next step will be free agent auction of players.  All teams must have the following number of contracted players on their roster.
  • 2 Quarterbacks - 1 starts each week
  • 4 Running Backs - 2 start each week
  • 4 Receivers - 2 start each week
  • 2 Kickers - 1 starts each week
  • 2 Teams (Special Teams and Defense) - 1 starts each week
If your team has less than 14 players in the roster during the season there will be fine of $100,000 per each week.
Player Auction will be take place outside of the class time and will be announced in class.
Player Auction
Since auctioning off players in every team takes considerable amount of time from the previous experiences (3 minutes multiplied by 14 * 10 players equals 7 hours!).  We will have a mixture of auction and draft system.  Basically, we will have 14 rounds of draft which means that teams take turns to choose one player and the order of turns will be determined randomly before the draft starts.  We introduce an auction system during the first two rounds.  During the first two rounds any team challenges other team's pick by offering higher salary to the player. Other teams are also allowed to offer even higher salary to win over the specific player.  Therefore, whichever team offers the highest bid for the player will sign the contract with him.  For the rest of rounds teams are not allowed to challenge.  
For the information on player's salary go to