About Me

Published Papers:
"A Model of Piracy," (with J. Choi),
Information Economics and Policy, 2006, 18, pp. 303-320.
"The Optimal Number of Firms in Professional Sports Leagues” (with J. Choi),
Journal of Sports Economics, 2007; vol. 8: pp. 99 - 108.      
“An exploratory empirical investigation of environmental audit programs in S&P 500 companies” (with I. Seol),
Management Research News, 2006, 29, pp. 573-579.
"Predatory Behavior of Governments: The Case of Mass Killing" (with A. Ott),
Defence and Peace Economics, 2008, 19, pp.107 - 125.
"The Public Economics of Self Control" (with A. Ott),
Journal of Economics and Finance, 2008, vol. 32, pp.356-367.
"Outsourcing with Quality Competition: Insights from a Three Stage Game Theoretic Model"
(with C. Yoo and J. Sarkis) International Journal of Production Research, 2010, vol. 48 (2), pp.327 - 342
Digital piracy and firms’ strategic interactions: The effects of public copy protection and DRM similarity,”
(with J. Choi and J. Jun) Information Economics and Policy, 2010, 22 (4), pp. 354-364.
“Greening Transportation Fleets: Insights from a Two-Stage Game Theoretic Model,”
(with C. Yoo and J. Sarkis) Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 2011, 47 (6), pp. 793-807.
Working Papers:
"Digitalization and Ownership Structure of Private Copy Protection"
under submission
"Two-sided Network Effects in the Market for Professional Sports" (with J. Kwon)
under submission

Research In Progress:

“The Microeconomics of Self Control” (with A. Ott)
“Two-sided Network Effects in the Market for Professional Sports: Empirical Study” (with J. Kwon)
“A Model of Patent Quality: A Comparison of Patent Litigation and Patent Opposition,”



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