Office of Financial Assistance

Financial Aid and Financial Assistance at Clark University

U.S. Students: Application for Renewal of Need-Based Financial Aid

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  2. Complete Clark Application for Financial Aid
  3. Parent and Student Utlize IRS Data Retrival tool via the FAFSA
  4. Complete Any Additional Forms upon request from Clark
  5. Receiving Your Financial Aid Award
Please connect with your student during this process as our office communicates with the students through their CUWEB portal. After students are enrolled all communications are sent electronically to the student.

1. Complete your Renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

This form is required of all students applying for need-based financial aid. The FAFSA form is available October 1. Clark University’s federal school code is 002139; be sure to include this number on the FAFSA to ensure that we receive the form.

When you are completing the Renewal FAFSA online you and your parent will log in using your FSA ID. For more information about the FAFSA and the application process, you should view the Guide to Completing the FAFSA.

Clark’s deadline for submission of the FAFSA is March 15.

2. Complete Clark Application for Financial Aid

Download the Clark Application Form. This form is required for all returning students applying for renewal of their need-based financial aid. The Clark Application for Financial Aid is available on our website or by accessing your  CUWEB portal. Electronic signatures are not accepted. The Clark Application may be completed and mailed to the Office of Financial Assistance, 950 Main St, Worcester, MA 01610 or faxed to: 508-793-8802, or emailed to

The deadline for submission for the Clark Application for Financial Aid is March 15.

3. Parent and Student Tax Documentation

When completing the Renewal FAFSA, we require all applicants, who are able to do so, to use the IRS Data Retrieval option. Using the retrieval process simplifies the process of reapplying for aid by providing accurate financial information directly from the IRS. If you or your parent are unable to use the IRS Data Retrival Process via the FAFSA, Please order a free copy of the Tax Return Transcript directly from the IRS at  We are no longer allowed to accept copies of tax documents. Any copies of tax documents will be shredded and not kept on file.

Both parents and students who report earned income for 2015, but are not required to file a federal income tax return will be required to submit a non-filers statement.  This statement will require you to list the source(s) of all earned income from 2015 and to submit any applicable W2s, along with the signed statement.

4. Additional Forms or Documentation Requested

The Financial Assistance Office may notify you at anytime during the academic year that additional forms and/or documentation must be submitted. 

5. Receipt of financial aid awards

Returning students who file the FAFSA and submit required documents by the deadline will receive notification their award is available for review on their CUWEB portal. Notification of the student's award or changes to the award are posted on theCUWEB portal.

Students for whom additional information is requested or who complete after the deadline will be awarded in the order applications were completed. You should allow approximately two weeks after completion of a file to receive notification of an award.

If students wish to decline any portion of their offered award please contact the office of financial assistance.