Office of Financial Assistance

Financial Aid and Financial Assistance at Clark University

Special Circumstances

If you have special circumstances that merit additional financial aid, we will work with you to try to assist you as best we can. Here are some of the most common situations that warrant special consideration:

My parents will not assist me financially in college

At Clark, as at many other institutions, we believe that financing your college education is a family responsibility to the extent that your family is able to help you. Undergraduates who have living parents will generally be required to file as dependent students.  You may not file as an independent undergraduate student unless you have highly unusual circumstances. You will need to speak with a financial aid officer at Clark before filing your FAFSA to determine if your circumstances warrant filing as an independent for financial aid purposes.

International students applying for financial aid

Because federal regulations do not permit loans to a student in the United States on a temporary student visa, international students are not eligible for most federal student loans.  International students do not need to apply for scholarships since they are already considered for merit-based awards through their admission process. Students seeking merit-based scholarships or tuition waivers should apply as early as possible.

I would like to appeal my financial aid award

All applicants for financial aid have the right to appeal the decision of their application. Successful appeals are usually based on a significant change in family financial circumstances that have occurred after you submitted for application for aid. The committee will review appeals, and a final decision will be made only after all renewal and new applications have been processed.