Office of Financial Assistance

Financial Aid and Financial Assistance

Federal and Non-Federal Work Study

What is federal work-study?
Federal work study is designed to assist students in meeting educational expenses and supplement classroom activities with work experience. The Office of Financial Assistance awards, based on financial need, as many participants as allowed by limited funding.
Can I work if I did not receive federal work study?
Students who are not eligible for employment under the FWS Program may choose to seek employment through departments that hire non work-study students or through off campus employment.
How do I find a job?
Students accepting federal work-study are mailed a work study package in late August to their campus address. The package contains the following:
This handbook details the procedures for finding and maintaining a job. When the student arrives on campus in the fall, it is the student's responsibility to arrange for interviews with potential employers listed on the Clark Recruiter and secure a job.
What is a job directory?
The Clark Recruiter lists all of the work study positions and non-work study positions that are open for Clark University students on campus. Most jobs during the academic year are in various University departments. Students are also encouraged to pursue the various community service jobs listed that are available on and off campus. Listings of additional off campus jobs are available through the Office of Financial Assistance.
How will a work-study job help me in the future?
How will a work study job can be an enjoyable and profitable experience even if it is not completely related to your course of study. Just by being employed, you will have a clearer understanding of the   dynamics of the working world and gain valuable experience that you can add to your resume.  Some students may be reluctant to take a job that involves clerical work and many positions available are clerical in nature. However, exposure to the daily operations of an office will give you an added edge when applying for full-time work. In addition, by meeting people who are working in the field, you will have many opportunities to seek advice about career planning. Students generally control the success of their job. Students willing to keep an open mind have expanded routine jobs to encompass new responsibilities and areas of interest.
What types of community service jobs are available?
Community service jobs are available in a range of service projects at organizations that help meet the needs of our local community, while providing an educational opportunity for Clark students. Community service jobs are found both on and off campus, and include such opportunities as tutoring students in local schools, assisting in community development, assisting low-income teens in searching for college opportunities, tutoring low-income bilingual students, researching environmental issues, and assisting with recreational park programs.
Do I have to reapply for work study next year?
Work study, like all types of financial aid, is not automatically renewed. You must meet all Clark financial aid deadline dates and indicate on the Clark Financial Aid Application (for returning students) that you wish to be considered for work study. Because funding is limited, students applying after the deadline may not receive work study.
You may also want to check with your supervisor before the end of each academic year to secure your position for next year. If you do not indicate an interest to your supervisor, he/she may fill your spot with another candidate (Please note: even if your supervisor holds your position open for you, if you do not receive work study on your financial aid award letter, you will not be allowed to work).