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There are many resources available to you independent of Clark University and the federal/state processes. Local organizations as well as statewide and national organizations have funds available for students who meet their criteria. The hardest part can be locating these opportunities. This page provides some useful information when conducting a search for private scholarships.

As with any online search you want to be careful to avoid anything that may be a scam. You may want to watch out for the following things that can potentially make the search a waste of time and a potential headache for you:

  • There is a charge for the service being provided. Scholarships are meant to help students and if you are paying for the service you may want to skip it altogether.
  • No essay is required. If you are only providing personal information and no other information is required it could mean this is an organization looking to sell the information. Never provide your social security number or other sensitive information unless you know the scholarship is from a legitimate source.

IMPORTANT: All sources of private student financial aid need to be reported to the Clark University Office of Financial Assistance in writing. Private scholarships are considered part of your aid package and will be applied first to unmet financial need, then to replace loans and/or work study, and if necessary, to reduce institutional grants. Scholarships from non-meritorious sources, such as a parent's employer, will reduce the Clark grant dollar for dollar.

Ideas for Finding Private Scholarships

Scholarship Source How to Start Additional Information/Tips
Your High School Ask teachers, guidance counselors, school librarian if there are any school sponsored scholarships. Start early! No need to wait until your senior year.
Your Parents' Employer Ask your parent(s) if there are any scholarship opportunities provided through their employer. If they are unsure call their Human Resources department for more information. In many cases parents may be unaware that their company offers a scholarship. Ask for a contact or call the HR office directly and let them know you are a child of an employee and you would like to know if there are any scholarships for college available to you.
Your Current Employer Ask your employer if the company offers any scholarships for graduating high school students. Your after school job can offer you more than just spending money. You may be eligible for private scholarships without even knowing it!
Your Place of Worship Ask the office staff or leadership about any scholarship possibilities or assistance with college expenses. Fundraiser events may be allowed if a scholarship is not already in place.
Service Club (Rotary Club, Knights of Columbus, YMCA/YWCA) Ask your local branch or national office about scholarships. Fundraiser events may be allowed if a scholarship is not already in place.

Online Resources

Scholarship Search Engines to Consider:


Current Clark students have received scholarships from the following organizations:

Dollars for Scholars (varying amounts, anywhere from $400 - $1100)

Horation Alger Association ($4000 - $4500)

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (varying amounts, anywhere from $100 - $5000)

Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship (varying amounts,  anywhere from $3000 - $8000

Yawkey Scholars Program (varying amounts, anywhere from $5500 - $11000)


SALT Scholarship Search


SALT was created by American Student Assistance, a nonprofit organization, to help Clark University students like you become more financially savvy. Clark University has teamed up with SALT to help our students and alumni better manage their finances and to help you become an educated student loan borrower. The best part of this service is the University is providing this membership, with all the services, FREE of charge. 


In addition to valuable information regarding managing debt and your student loans, SALT also offers students with the opportunity to locate private scholarships to help pay for college.  With the SALT Scholarship Search students can:

  • Search over 2.4 million awards worth over $14 billion to find scholarships that match your unique qualifications.
  • Save time applying by downloading tools and customized application request letters.
  • Receive email updates to find out about the latest scholarship programs, tips, and news

If you are already registered with SALT you will just need to log in to get started in your search for free money.  If you are not registered yet, why wait any longer?  Do it today! 


For even more helpful scholarship information, check out some of our favorite SALT scholarship links below.  A SALT membership is required to view the information in full. 


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