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Clark University - Coverdell Exchange Program

The Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

Clark University's Graduate School of Management and International Development, Community and Environment department are proud to participate in Peace Corps’ Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program. As part of the Program, all Fellows will participate in supervised, professional internships or volunteering opportunities in underserved American communities. Fellows will work on strategic planning and other capacity building initiatives which will make a tremendous impact on these organizations and in turn the Worcester community.

About the Coverdell Fellows Program

Founded in 1985, the Coverdell Fellows Program is now a network of partnerships between the Peace Corps and more than 90 universities across the country. Competitively selected Coverdell Fellows undertake service internships in high-need American communities and receive financial aid while working toward their graduate degrees. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers may apply to enroll in a Coverdell Fellowship at participating universities at any time after successfully completing Peace Corps service.

Participating Programs

The following programs are eligible for the Coverdell Fellows Program at Clark.

Graduate School of Management

International Development, Community, and Environment

Dual Degree Programs

Financial Support

The Coverdell Fellows Program is reserved exclusively for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. If accepted, Fellows receive a minimum 50% or more tuition scholarship to their chosen degree program (a $30,000 value or more); scholarship amounts will increase based on the strength of the application. Fellows will also be considered for a paid assistantship. Additionally, the graduate application fee is waived for Fellows.

Service Requirements

As part of the Coverdell Fellows Program, all Fellows participate in service opportunites in underserved American communities as part of their degree program at Clark. Service requirements depend on the program in which the student is studying.

Graduate School of Management

Fellows work with Clark’s Community Engagement and Volunteering Center to be placed in a volunteer position with a local organization that works to improve our community to serve a minimum of six hours of community service per week during the fall and spring semesters.

International Development, Community, and Environment

Fellows work with the Career Development office to find and complete a supervised, professional internship (either for credit, as part of a course, or outside of degree requirements) with a local organization serving the community. Alternately, Fellows may also work with the Community Engagement and Volunteering Center to complete volunteer activities to fulfill their service requirement.

Program Contacts

To learn more about Clark University's Coverdell Fellowship agreement or if you have specific questions, please feel free to contact us.

Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program Information from the Peace Corps.