Publishing Agreement Forms

Publishing Your Doctoral Dissertation with UMI Dissertation Publishing

Click on the link above to view the guide to publishing your dissertation. The pages you must submit to the Graduate School with your dissertation are pages 4, 5, 6 (and 7—only if you want to order bound copies of your manuscript from ProQuest/UMI). The $65 copyrighting fee mentioned on Page 4 in the brochure is included with your Graduation Fee of $150 which is billed to your student account in the semester you indicate on the Intent to Graduation Form (online).

ProQuest now offers students the option of Open Access Publishing of dissertations at a cost of $95 which is not included in the Graduation Fee. If you choose the Open Access Publishing option submit a check for $160 made payable to ProQuest Information & Learning with your dissertation.

Information about Open Access Publishing and Traditional Publishing is included in the brochure and at this link: Open Access Publishing Frequently Asked Questions

You may also want to discuss your options with your advisor prior to submission to the Graduate School.