Graduate School of Management

Clark Univeristy

The Graduate School of Management (GSOM) at Clark University is a small business school in a research focused, liberal arts university.  We offer management and finance programs that meet the needs of various constituencies - working professionals, accelerated degree students, full-time students, and dual degree students.  We offer specialized masters’ programs in accounting and finance and an undergraduate management major.


The mission and vision for GSOM, which are consistent with the vision for the university, are intended to guide future planning and major decisions of the school. 

Mission: Our mission is to engage in consequential research and practice and to prepare students for career and life success through a combination of rigorous academic study and theoretically-sound experiential learning with a focus on ethics, social responsibility and sustainability.

Vision: GSOM will be well known and highly regarded as a diverse community of caring individuals whose professional and scholarly contributions advance practice and knowledge for the benefit of organizations and society.

Clark University Vision:  “Over the next five years we will focus on elevating the reputation and strengthening the resource base of Clark University as a place of consequence for research and education in this country and the world.” (From Clark University’s Academic and Financial Plan for 2011-16, p. 4)


Our core values are consistent with who we are and with our mission:

We value diversity of culture, opinions, and approaches

We value both deep understanding and broad perspective

We value initiative, creativity, and collaboration

We value service to our local, national, and global communities of which we are a part



Our guiding principles support our mission, providing further explanation for our expectations about our teaching, learning, and research environment.

We provide students with a high quality education by:

  • featuring a faculty whose engagement in research, practice, and service leads to rigorous and relevant classroom environments
  • building a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and contemporary management practices
  • encouraging critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and socially and environmentally responsible behavior
  • providing ample opportunities to engage with a variety of professionals and organizations across functional areas and industries
  • focusing our efforts on a small number of high quality programs that include specialized masters’ degrees and an MBA degree

We address the complex nature of organizations and their environments by:

  • reflecting on the larger societal context in which businesses function
  • promoting socially/environmentally responsible and globally minded approaches
  • providing opportunities for students to apply their skills and knowledge to real-world situations

We are committed to continuous improvement by:

  • expecting faculty scholarship that is high quality and of significance to practice and/or the academy
  • establishing learning goals and monitoring learning outcomes across the curriculum
  • monitoring and addressing the needs of our stakeholders, including students, faculty, alumni and the community at large
  • actively managing our progress toward achieving major goals consistent with our mission

We embrace our role in the broader liberal arts community of Clark University by:

  • actively supporting the university’s strategic initiatives; e.g., Liberal Education and Effective Practice (LEEP)*
  • contributing to and leveraging cross-disciplinary opportunities
  • reflecting Clark’s identity as a university that challenges convention and “changes lives” and the world.