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Programs and Services

Whether you are a full- or part-time student, GSOM Career Services is the bridge from your degree program to your new career. We are business professionals who offer practical advice to help you successfully enter or transition into your chosen career. Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you because we have worked in major corporations and understand exactly what they are looking for in today's new graduates. We provide practical, real life advice and guidance to help you succeed. During your time here at Clark's GSOM, please make sure that you take full advantage of our services.

The Clark Recruiter - Job/Internship Postings

Clark University's recruiting website allows universities and employers to manage campus recruiting activity. Students can personally upload their resumes, cover letters, and update their personal profile, as well as apply to internship and full-time job opportunities. At the same time, employers are able to post openings and search through resumes that have been uploaded by our students.

This is the most important tool that you will use as a student during your job search activities. Students should become familiar with the system as soon as possible. Current students should have already received a username and password to access the system. If not, please contact

Login to The Clark Recruiter.

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Alumni Networking

Clark alumni can be very helpful in your career searches and GSOM Career Services offers various ways to network with them. We have co-sponsored alumni networking events in Boston, Worcester, New York and other East Coast locations. Students with approved resumes are invited to participate in these networking events to make valuable connections and garner advice on their careers. In addition, alumni are frequently invited to GSOM as speakers and participate in events hosted by the Career Management office. We will work with you to make your contact successful.

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Internship Assistance

An internship will help you become more certain about your career choices, give you greater professional confidence, enhance your skills and abilities, and provide you with a better understanding of what it takes to find employment and to succeed on the job. Your internship may be with a large corporation, a small businesses, or a government or non-profit agency. The Career Management Center can partner with you to assist in your search.

Full-time MBA and MSF students are typically required to complete an internship while enrolled at the Clark University Graduate School of Management. These internships may be conducted anywhere in the world, but must focus on each student's individual concentration and future career goals. Internships can be completed on a part-time basis during the spring or fall semester or full-time during summer and/or winter break. Internships should be a minimum of 140 hours up to a maximum of 1,000 hours.

Visit our outcomes page for information on where our students have interned in the past.

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

The resume is your primary marketing tool. It is how you present the unique traits, skills and experiences you bring to the marketplace. We have created resume templates for you to make the process of revising your resume easier. Before you contact Career Services, you need to work on your resume as if you are submitting it to an employer. Preparing an employer-ready resume requires you to put in a lot of work! Expect to go over your resume multiple times even after GSOM Career Services has corrected it for you.

You will find templates for completing resumes in the "Document Library" of The Clark Recruiter. After following those instructions, please upload your resume into the system for review. A. An approved resume makes you eligible to attend special events and opportunities provided by Career Services.

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