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Challenge Convention. Change Our World.
These words are much more than the Clark University motto. They are a rallying cry that inspires our community every day. Whether researching alternative energy sources, working toward educational equity, or forming unique academic collaborations, our students, faculty, and staff continually develop new ways of thinking and acting that make the world a better place.

About Clark University
Clark University has been named one of the top 40 universities in the country that changes lives. Founded in 1887 as the first all-graduate institution in the country, Clark today is a major research university enrolling approximately 2,200 undergraduate and 1,000 graduate students. Our students benefit from a unique degree of personal attention and educational opportunity. They frequently engage with faculty in their research and make discoveries that transform lives far beyond our campus borders.

A History of Innovation
Whether battling injustice or questioning long-established economic theories, the Clark community has a long history of ethical action and original thought. Clark professors and alumni helped usher in the space age, laid the groundwork for Einstein's theory of relativity, and first developed and measured the wind chill factor. Our Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise is dedicated to improving the effectiveness of organizations in addressing social concerns. We are the only university in the world to offer a Ph.D. in Holocaust studies. Such pioneering programs attract scholars eager to understand complex issues and develop innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges, from poverty to climate change.

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