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Assurance of Learning

The Graduate School of Management has been involved in initiatives surrounding Assurance of Learning (AOL) for a number of years. The purpose of our AOL initiatives is to conduct student learning assessment at the program level in all academic degree programs.

Learning outcomes assessment has been defined as "the systematic collection, review, and use of information about educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development (Palomba and Banta, 1999)." AOL provides data to show faculty and those involved directly with teaching and managing the academic degree programs what is working and what can be improved. Learning assessment in GSOM is conducted on a regular basis, with the goal of making continuous improvements in all academic programs.

The learning goals and assessment activities are mission driven and are aimed at improving student learning. AOL is a faculty led initiative, and learning assessment tools created and assessment conducted is done by GSOM faculty. Learning assessment takes place mainly in the GSOM classroom and is integrated into the academic curriculum. Program review committees comprised of faculty review and discuss the data our AOL initiatives provide on a regular basis, and incorporate the findings into program updates and improvements.

Assessment practices are conducted in the context of the college's mission and assessment standards set by AACSB and NEASC.

Palomba, C.A., and T. W. Banta. (1999). Assessment Essentials. San Francisco, CA., Josey-Bass.

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