Graduate School of Management

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Waiver Exam Information (MSA Students Only)

General Information

All MSA degree students are evaluated for course waivers and course waiver exams when they apply. The Graduate Admissions Office reviews official college/university transcripts submitted with the student’s application and approves course waivers and eligibility for exams prior to the student’s first semester of study. Questions about waivers, qualifying for waiver exams, or review of additional waivers/exams that have been missed, should be directed to the Graduate Admissions Office as soon as possible. Transcripts submitted after the student has begun his/her first semester at GSOM will not be considered for waiver purposes.

MSA students may be eligible to waive the following:
ACCT 4100*    ECON 4004    STAT 4005    OM 4600

*ACCT 4100 Foundations of Accounting and MGMT 4708 Business Law waivers are granted only for U.S.-based courses that have been completed in each area within the six years prior to beginning the program. If the courses taken for these two areas are not U.S.-based, a student may be deemed eligible to take a course waiver exam.