Graduate School of Management

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Registration Directions

GSOM students register online through CU Web. Please refer to the University's Registrar page for information on the upcoming semester's registration dates.

Please note:

Students must obtain a registration pin number from their assigned academic advisor before the registration period opens. A different pin number is assigned each semester. Students must register for the entire semester (including Modules A and B). The Academic Affairs office reminds students of the registration periods each semester and instructs students on how to register online. Current students can also log into CU Web to find out registration periods for each semester. If you have questions about your program requirements, registration or your tuition commitments, please email your advisor for assistance.

Cross-Registration:  MBA students may choose to enroll in graduate courses offered by the Department of International Development, Community & Environment. IDCE courses can count towards your Social Change concentration or as free electives. If you are interested in cross-registering at IDCE, please review the IDCE course listing, and schedule an appointment with Laura Burgess, Program Director, who will help you submit your paperwork in order to register.

Late Registration Fees: A $50.00 late fee will be charged to any student who registers after the registration deadline.

Leave of Absence/Withdrawal: If you are unable to register for a semester or continue with your enrollment, you must notify us of your intention to withdraw from Clark University by completing a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal Request Form. If you voluntarily withdraw from your program, you will need to submit a new application to re-enroll. At this time, if the degree requirements for your program have changed, you will be expected to follow the new requirements.