Graduate School of Management

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Student Services

Clark GSOM students operate several special focus clubs. These include:

Student Clubs and Organizations

GSOM Student Council (GSOM-SC)

The Graduate School of Management Student Council (GSOM-SC) promotes an interactive student community, represents GSOM on university-wide graduate committees, and functions as a unified voice for GSOM student concerns.

GSOM Finance Association (GSOM-FA)

The Graduate School of Management Finance Association (GSOM-FA) is dedicated to promoting professional and academic awareness of the finance industry while fostering social activities. The goal of the Finance Association is to educate and prepare students for Finance-related careers by hosting a series of events and activities.

Clark Women in Business (GSOM-WIB)

The Graduate School of Management Women in Business (GSOM-WIB) organization encourages the development of female students as leaders and professionals. The group promotes individual growth and goal achievement, and helps women reach out to each other to create strong support networks.

Clark University Net Impact Chapter

Interested in Business as UNusual? Clark University's Graduate Net Impact Chapter gathers students to learn about opportunities for involvement in the areas of CSR, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit management, international development, and environmental sustainability. Net Impact is an international nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.