Graduate School of Management

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Student Fees

Along with tuition, GSOM students must pay the fees that are in effect throughout their tenure in their academic program. The GSOM fees that are outlined below may change, and other fees may be added, from time to time. The fees owed by Accelerated Degree Students and Dual Degree Students may differ from those listed here.

Please refer to the Graduate Student Financial Assistance page for any additional fees specific to your program.

  • Full Time Service Fee: $1750
    New full-time students are charged a one-time fee of $1750 to support student and career services and activities of GSOM.

  • Contingency Fee: $150
    Enrollment deposits paid to GSOM will be credited to a student’s account during the first semester. When a student registers for courses, a $150 contingency fee will be charged to the student’s account to be paid with the first semester’s tuition. If no outstanding balances remain after a student has finished the final semester and degree program, the entire amount of the $150 contingency fee will be refunded to the student.

  • Health Insurance Fee: $1679 per year
    All students, including part-time students, enrolled in 2.5 units or more must enroll in the Clark University student health insurance program unless they receive a health insurance waiver by proving that they have comparable health insurance coverage through another provider.

  • GSOM Student Activity Fee: $40 per semester
    All full time students must pay this fee each semester, even if they are enrolled in fewer than 3.0 units. International students are considered full time regardless of how many units they enroll in each semester, and will be charged this fee. This fee funds the activities of the GSOM Student Council and other student organizations.

  • Late Registration Fee: $50
    A late registration fee will be charged to any student who registers after the course registration deadline.

  • Late Payment Fee: $100
    A late payment fee will be charged to any student who has not settled their student account by the due date.

  • The International Student Servicing Fee: $200
    For international students only, for services provided.

  • Late Payment Fee: $100
    A late payment fee will be charged to any student who has not settled their student account by the due date.

  • Course Audit Fee: $50
    Students may request to audit one GSOM course in their final semester.

  • Course Materials Fee: Varies
    Periodically, a GSOM course may have a course materials fee that students must pay, along with the tuition.

  • Enrollment Fee: $100
    For both full- and part-time students, this fee replaces the Diploma Fee previously charged to graduating students in their final semester.