Graduate School of Management


Courses and Requirements

The minimum number of course units required for the masters in accounting degree is 10 units.


MSA Courses

Your MSA courses fall into three categories:

  1. Foundation Courses (2 units)
  2. Core Courses (5 units)
  3. Elective Courses (5 units)

Course descriptions and requirements can be found in the Academic Catalog

The MSA program is structured to help you quickly and efficiently complete the requirements you'll need to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

You'll enjoy top-quality courses taught by a superb faculty, receive access to exceptional support services, and feel confident to advance your accounting career.

Course Locations

GSOM offers day and evening courses in both Worcester and Southborough. Your advisor will assist in chossing the appropriate course sequence that meets your schedule and the requirements of the program.