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MBA/MS in Environmental Science and Policy

MBA/Environmental Science and Policy

MBA/MS in Environmental Science and Policy

The MBA/MS in Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P) combines MBA requirements with advanced coursework in the department of International Development, Community and Environment. Recently named one of the top 16 schools to study "green business" by Entrepreneur magazine and The Princeton Review, this program at Clark focuses on topics such as environmental science, environmental law, sustainable production and development, urban ecology, negotiation and mediation and quantitative modeling.

The program consists of 24 units (1 unit equivalent to a 4-credit course). ES&P students develop an understanding of and ability to tackle complex environmental issues. The program focuses on three signature areas:

  • Environment and Human Health
  • Climate, Energy and Sustainability
  • Environmental Management and Policy

ES&P students learn how to use technology to reduce the impact of economic growth on the environment, enhance community development, and alleviate poverty. They become innovative problem-solvers, able to synthesize knowledge from multiple disciplines including the natural and social sciences.

Graduates from the MBA/MS in ES&P are poised for leadership in environmental consulting firms, international development companies, corporate social responsibility offices, government agencies and nonprofit groups around the world.

MBA/MS in ES&P Degree Requirements

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