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Kate Hanley

Laura Kummer, MBA '11

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Degree: MBA in Social Change

Bridging differences

"It was the first time I'd ever seen absolute poverty," says Laura Krummer, MBA "11, of a trip she took to Kenya as an undergraduate. She was shaken and resolved to better understand how America's economic policies affect the world market.

Laura hadn't considered earning an MBA until she learned about Clark's MBA in Social Change. "No other master's program I looked into was as forward-looking and dynamic," says Laura. "I've been able to get an amazing foundation in development theory and build the skills to put those theories effectively into practice."

For Laura, taking classes from business-oriented and activist-minded professors as well as working with classmates from dozens of countries has been an invaluable experience. "I'm eager to create alternative ways to practice development that bridge those different viewpoints," says Laura, whose goal is to help small businesses in developing countries grow and thrive. "It's an exciting challenge."

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