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Xinyi (Cindy) Wan

Xinyi (Cindy) Wan, MSF '10

Research Analyst, NorthStar Asset Management, Boston, Mass.

Hometown: Chéngdû, China

Degree: MS in Finance

From theory to application

Having received an undergraduate degree in financial engineering, Xinyi Wan, MSF '10, was well versed in financial and economic theories by the time she enrolled in Clark GSOM. Knowing how to apply those theories, however, was a different story. "I didn't know how to do a case study when I first came to Clark," says Xinyi. "My professors provided me with key guidance early on and always encouraged my questions and my opinions. They genuinely wanted to see me succeed."

Now Xinyi works as a research analyst at NorthStar Asset Management in Boston, where she evaluates companies' stock performance and industry trends to help her colleagues make informed decisions about investments. "My job requires an intense level of critical analysis and creative thinking, which is something Clark prepared me to handle," says Xinyi. "When I started my job, I realized just how much all the case studies, research projects, and presentations really paid off."

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