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Clark University students

Parents in the College Selection Process: Allies or Adversaries?

SAVE THE DATE: April 22 – 24, 2017

Some parents see the college search as the first act of adulthood, while others see it as the final act of childhood. Join us this spring for a symposium on the changing role of parents in the college search process. Nationally recognized presenters will lead us as we explore common questions around best practices for working with parents: how to educate parents about the balance of prestige, affordability, and fit; how to support students when parent behavior becomes a challenge; and how to prepare students and parents for the coming change in their relationship.

Our keynote speaker will be Clark University Psychology Professor Wendy Grolnick whose research and writing focuses on the challenges of parenting adolescents in competitive environments. We plan to share Wendy's book, "Pressured Parents, stressed-out kids: Dealing with the competition while raising a successful child" with all symposium attendees.