Inauguration Committee

Paula David, Chair, Marketing
Margarete Arndt, Graduate School of Management, Faculty Marshal
Paul Bottis, Physical Plant
Lisa Coakley, Mosakowski Institute
Denise Darrigrand, Dean of Students
Cheryl Turner Elwell, Technology Services
Jack Foley, Government and Community Affairs
Stu Gerhardt, Food Services
Steve Goulet, Campus Police
Himal Jayasekara, Undergraduate Student
Allison Kaminaga, Graduate Student
Aixa Kidd, Alumni Affairs
Andrea Marth, Advancement
Andy McGadney, Advancement
Joanne Miller, President's Office
Andrea Michaels, Planning and Finance
Mounira Morris, Dean of Student's Office
Shira Moskovitz, President's Office
Jennifer Parissi, Events Planning
Jane Salerno, Media Relations
Mike Sullivan, Marketing Communications
Kristen Williams, Department of Political Science, Faculty Chair
Walter Wright, Associate Provost, Dean of the College
Scott Zoback, Alumni Association

Ex Officio
David Angel, President
Jocelyne Bauduy