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The LEEP Center supports students in their personal and professional development by facilitating meaningful exploration, intentional engagement, thoughtful preparation, integrative learning, and insightful reflection. Through our offices and programs, we offer holistic advising, a range of pre-professional and civic opportunities, and a variety of resources and services designed to foster capacities of effective practice in an effort to prepare students for life after Clark. As a dynamic resource for Clark students, we collaborate with academic and University offices, employers, community and institutional partners, alumni, and families to connect students with life-changing opportunities and prepare them to become informed contributors in an ever-changing global society.


To connect students with, and prepare them for, transformative experiences that can be leveraged for future opportunities.


Student-Centered. The best interests in promoting the personal and professional development of our students is at the heart of all of our decision-making, offerings, and advising.

Collaboration. We strongly promote collaboration within the LEEP Center and beyond, recognizing that we are but one set of linkages that form a student's network of support.

Creativity and innovation. A purpose-driven organization, we embrace change, creativity, and new ideas as we endeavor to support our students in their development.

Professionalism. We exemplify and model professional behavior in all that we do, including our interactions with students, staff, and faculty, in our communications, and in our demeanor.

Respect and thoughtfulness. We proceed by upholding the dignity of each person and by embracing a culture of learning.

Effective leadership. We strive to be leaders within and beyond the LEEP Center, engaging others in the work we do and serving as role models to students and staff alike.