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So you're working on a Personal Statement.

Let us walk you through the process.  Drafting a personal statement is a critical part of applying for graduate school, scholarships, fellowships, and some jobs. The statements should reflect not only your qualifications, but also give a more personal reason for why you are interested in a particular opportunity. In most applications, the personal statement is your chance to show the selection committee more of your personality:  How are you unique? What are your best qualities? For these reasons, personal statements are often difficult to write. The following steps will help you to construct and polish your personal statement.

  1. Take advice from Jessica Bane Robert and the LEEP Center. Personal statement writing should convey a narrative that will give the reader a clear picture of who you are and your story as it applies to the specifics of the program to which you are applying.  Look at the LEEP Center calendar for Personal Statement workshop dates. 
  2. Connect with your peers. Talk to other students who have successfully applied to similar positions or scholarships. Ask them how they drafted their personal statements. What did they focus on? What impression were they trying to make? How did they budget their time and what resources did they use? Hearing a variety of responses can spark ideas on how to start your own personal statement.
  3. Talk to your LEEP Center adviser. They will discuss your qualifications with you, including experiences and skills that you can focus on in your personal statement.
  4. Contact your Faculty adviser. Your faculty adviser can assist you in drafting a personal statement that highlights aspects of your academic experience in conjunction with your unique personal qualities, skills and qualifications. 
  5. Visit the Writing Center!  Set up an appointment with a Writing Center consultant as you draft your statement. The Writing Center staff will ensure that your personal statement is clean, thorough, and persuasive.