Liberal Education and Effective Practice

LEEP Center

Bringing it all together.

The LEEP Center is a physical space designed to support and inspire Clark students and connect them with the people, opportunities, and resources they need to thrive at—and beyond—Clark.

LEEP Center advisers will help students plan their personal educational journeys, from identifying extracurricular and cocurricular experiences that align with their academic, personal and career ambitions to making valuable connections with professors, alumni, businesses, and community organizations in their field. The Center helps students plot their course, take advantage of the vast opportunities available at Clark, and meet their most ambitious goals.

With one-to-one support as well as group workshops, the LEEP Center at Clark University helps students:

  • Embark on an educational experience ideally suited to their ultimate career and personal ambitions
  • Take advantage of every opportunity available at Clark, from study abroad and community service to research, internships, and fellowships
  • Devise strategies to put their ideas into action, from launching a new business to starting a club to organizing an art exhibition
  • Engage closely with professors, alumni, business leaders, entrepreneurs, activists, researchers, and scientists in relevant fields for inspiration, mentorship, and industry-specific skills and knowledge