LEEP Curricular Framework Planning and Assessment

This website describes Clark's ongoing work related to institutional assessment of the LEEP Learning Outcomes. More information about the LEEP framework can be found here. As noted in the framing document, executing Clark's LEEP framework is a major undertaking for a university. Information about Clark's strategy for implementing the LEEP framework and progress to date can be found here. Clark's evaluation work will take place at multiple levels including individual student learning, as well as departmental and institutional levels. The goal of this website is to contribute to deepening student learning, assist professional development for authentic assessment, and to help create a stronger culture of assessment on campus around implementing the five LEEP learning outcomes.

LEEP Learning Outcomes [PDF]

This work is guided by the LEEP Compass Advisory Committee. This group provides feedback and assists the academic administration with developing Clark's research and evaluation of Clark's progress on the LEEP learning outcomes.

LEEP Compass Advisory Committee Goals: Academic Year 2014 and 2015

  1. Provide feedback on Clark’s use of national survey data as it relates to measuring progress on the LEEP Learning Outcomes (e.g. NSSE, CIRP, HEDS).
  2. Offer feedback on the use of additional survey instruments to assess LEEP’s success, especially related to Effective Practice, which are currently being piloted.
  3. Establish a forum to discuss and review the work of the LEEP Lab funded by the Davis Educational Foundation grant.
  4. Give advice, and potentially form a subgroup, related to consideration of portfolios as a tool to help students synthesize, provide evidence and demonstrate their progress with respect to the LEEP learning outcomes. The immediate goal for the 2014 year was to consider various e-portfolio platforms and their potential use at Clark.
  5. Assist in monitoring, guiding and developing mechanisms to assist departments as they make progress on department assessment plans related to the LEEP Learning outcomes. This work will tie in with the Exemplar Project also supported by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation.