LEEP Center Plans and Evaluation

LEEP Center Evaluation Of Learning Goals:

The LEEP Center provides resources, opportunities, and workshops and programs to help promote personal and professional development for undergraduate students. The LEEP Center is home to the offices of academic advising, career services, community engagement, study abroad, and the writing center. Staff in the LEEP Center work closely with students to help them explore their interests, identify opportunities for experience, and prepare for life after Clark.

The LEEP Center contributes to the institutional assessment of the LEEP learning outcomes in several ways:

  1. Participation in the LEEP Exemplar learning communities
  2. Through a pilot program that focuses on formative assessment of two particular outcomes — personal and social responsibility and collaboration.
  3. Through the development of an assessment protocol for the various high-impact practices offered through the LEEP Center, including internships, study abroad, community-service work-study, and LEEP Projects.

The LEEP Center Exemplar poster can be viewed by visiting the LEEP Exemplars page.

Questions about the LEEP Center’s assessment efforts should be directed to Michelle Bata, associate dean and director of the LEEP Center.