2009 Conferences > Implications for Psychology

Knowledge, Practice, and Experience: Implications for Psychology

10:00 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 4 - 2:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 5
Invitation only

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Building upon G. Stanley Hall's 1909 idea of structuring the University’s 20th celebration around a series devoted to the discussion of questions on the frontier of human knowledge, the 2009 workshop will provide an opportunity for cross-disciplinary dialogue on the themes: knowledge, practice, and experience. Two planning conferences—one in July 2007 in Schengen, Luxembourg and a second at Clark University in April 2008 have paved the way for the October 2009 two-day gathering.

The 2009 workshop is designed to facilitate discussion around pre-circulated papers and thus is invitational. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for the discussion of questions on the frontier of human knowledge and practice that will benefit all the human sciences in the years to come. Paper abstracts will be web available and plans are underway for an edited volume so that ideas from the workshop can be disseminated more broadly.

Speakers include:

Philip Bell
Associate Professor, Learning Studies
University of Washington

Sunil Bhatia
Associate Professor of Human Development, Director of the Holleran Center
Connecticut College

Robert T. Craig
Professor of Communication, University of Colorado at Boulder;
"Practical Disciplines: Praxis, Inquiry, Metadiscourse"

Daniel Hutto
Professor of Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire, U.K.
"Rethinking the Cognitive Revolution"

Na’ilah Suad Nasir
Associate Professor, African American Studies
University of California, Berkeley

Kevin O'Connor
Assistant Professor, Warner School of Education and Human Development
University of Rochester

Bill Penuel
SRI International

Henderikus Stam
Professor of Psychology
University of Calgary

Cynthia E. Winston
Associate Professor of Psychology
Howard University

Stanton Wortham
Professor of Education, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education;
"Traversing the Gap between Knowledge and Practice"