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Implications for Psychology: Anchor Papers—Abstracts and Summary Drafts

The upcoming workshop is a further step in the production of an edited volume. The process began with the circulation of three anchor papers. This has been followed with the drafting of summaries by six further participants. These materials all have been distributed to workshop participants in advance of the meeting and are included in the workshop notebook. Appended below are the latest summaries of the six further papers. These six summary drafts and the three anchor papers will provide the starting point for the upcoming workshop discussions.

Abstracts of Anchor Papers

Robert T. Craig

Professor of Communication, University of Colorado at Boulder
Communicative Practices in relation to the Construction of Knowledge

Daniel Hutto

Professor of Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire, U.K.
Philosophical Psychology, Folk Knowledge, & Practice

Stanton Wortham

Judy and Howard Berkowitz Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Identity, Practice and Learning

Summary Drafts

Sunil Bhatia

Associate Professor of Human Development, Director of the Holleran Center
Summary: Postcolonial Diasporas and Globalization: Reconstructing Culture, Identity, and the Practice of Psychology

Na'ilah Suad Nasir

Associate Professor, African American Studies, University of California, Berkeley
Summary: Social Opportunity and Learning Trajectories: Experience, Identity, and Knowledge in Socio-political Context

Kevin O'Connor

Assistant Professor, University of Rochester
Summary:Index Formation: Assembling Knowledge and Identity, on and off the Rails

Bill Penuel and Philip Bell

Penuel: SRI International
Bell: Associate Professor, University of Washington
Summary: Bringing Selves to the Science Curriculum: Transforming Identity Trajectories as a Goal for Educational Design and Evaluation

Henderikus Stam

Professor of Psychology, University of Calgary
Summary: Where Knowledge is Incomplete, Practice Imperfect and Experience Only Dimly Known: The Self and Its Narration

Cynthia E. Winston

Associate Professor of Psychology, Howard University
Summary: The Cultural Motion of the Meaning of Race within Lives: Guided Autobiography as a Tool for Building Knowledge and Practice Bridges in Psychology