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2009 Centennial Commemoration Academic Conferences

Freud Conference

October 3 to 5, 2009 at Clark University

Distinguished leaders in contemporary psychology will gather at Clark for a conference series that will examine the legacies and recreate the spirit of the famous Clark conferences organized in 1909 by then-president and pioneering psychologist G. Stanley Hall.

The 2009 conferences, hosted by the Frances L. Hiatt School of Psychology, are:

The Sigmund Freud Privat-Universitat (SFU) Vienna—Clark University Exchange Symposium

Knowledge, Practice, and Experience: Implications for Psychology

Does the Mind Still Matter?

Conference Preparation

Two planning workshops paved the way for the 2009 conferences. The first workshop, which took place in July 2007 in Schengen, Luxembourg and included participants from Europe, Africa and the Middle-East, was funded by the The Leir Foundation, Inc. A second planning workshop, held in Worcester, Massachusetts in April 2008, brought together participants from the American continents, Asia and Australia.

The aim of these two workshops was to draw on the judgments of colleagues who are, both critically and from different cultural orientations, engaged with the subject and practices of psychology.