2009 Conferences > 2008 Worcester Workshop

Planning Workshop 2 at Clark University, Worcester, MA

April 17-19, 2008

The following topics emerged from the Luxembourg gathering in 2007, and we intend to build on them in our gathering in April at Clark University:

We are planning to use the same presentation format as in the gathering in Schengen--maybe with a slight variation in the form of breaking into two groups on the second day of our gathering.



* = Clark alumni

Invited Guests Participants from Clark University
Sunil Bhatia* (Connecticut College) Maricela Correa-Chavez
Sarah Brookhart (APS, Deputy Director) Sarah Michaels
Sara Cobb (ICAR, George Mason University) Eric DeMeulenaere
Mark Freeman (College of the Holy Cross) Rachel Falmagne
Gail Hornstein* (Mt. Holyoke College)
Suzanne Kirschner (College of the Holy Cross)
Jeanne Marecek (Swarthmore)
Tony Marsella (Atlanta)
Hirofumi Minami* (Kyushu, Japan)
Jonathan Smith (Birkbeck, University of London)
Hank Stam (University of Calgary)
John Winslade (California State University. San Bernardino)
Cynthia Winston (Howard University)