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George H. Blakeslee

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China and the Far East
September 13 - 19, 1909

"The Problem of the Pacific is the greates problem now before the American people."—President William Howard Taft (1909 – 1913), quoted in China and the Far East: Clark University Lectures, edited by George H. Blakeslee, 1910.

Forty-five authorities took part in meetings that eoncompassed political, social, economic, military and religious aspects of the Far East, including India, the Philippines, Korea, China and Japan. The conference was organized by George H. Blakeslee, Professor of History and International Relations at Clark University (1903 – 1943). In 1911 Blakeslee went on to found the Journal of Race Development (later renamed the Journal of International Relations), the first American journal devoted to international relations.

Conference Proceedings edited by George H. Blakeslee available on Google Books

Below are participants, lectures and degree recipients listed in the conference program (PDF). See program for participant affiliations, schedule and other events.

Lectures and Participants

The present situation in India by John P. Jones
English rule in India—as India sees it by Swami Arhedanand
The education situation in India by William I. Chamberlain
The significance to the Far East of America's experiment in the Philippines by George H. Blakeslee
Civil service in he Philippine Islands by W. S. Washburn
The capacity of the Philipinos by John F. Bobbitt
The progress of public works in the Phillippine Islands by J. W. Beardsley
Our Philippine policies and their results by W. Morgan Shuster
The awakening of Korea by Horace N. Allen
The progress of reform in Korea by George Huber Jones
The Japanese administration in Korea by George Trumbull Ladd
The progress of the Oriental in Hawaii by A. F. Griffiths
The military situation in Japan by Eden Swift
The relations between Japan and the United States by Jokichi Takamine
The real Chinaman by Chester Holcombe
China's relation to the Christian powers—the point of view of patriotic Chinese by E. B. Drew
The historical development of the relations between the United States and China by F. W. Williams
The need of a distinctive American policy in China by T. F. Millard
America's opportunity in China by L. R. Wilfley
The Chinese student in America by H. F. Merrill
The present political situation in China by I. T. Headland
Japan's relations to China by Kan-Ichi Asakawa
The real situation in Manchuria by Willard Straight
The history and economics of the foreign trade of China by H. B. Morse
America's trade relations with China by John Foord
Chinese financial conditions by J. W. Jenks
The military situation in China, with especial reference to conditions in Manchuria by Ebem Swift
Chine child life, court life and art by I. T. Headland
China and world politics by Archibald C. Coolidge
International relations between China and the Western nations by Chester Holcombe
A historical review of the discovery and uses of opium by Hamilton Wright
A historical review of the opium problem by Hamilton Wright
*American diplomacy in the Orient by John W. Foster
*Address TBD by Amos P. Wilder
*The Chinese judiciary and its reform by Wu Ting-Fang
Christian missions in China by Harlan P. Beach
The condition of medical science in China by Stephen A. Hunter
The new learning of China, its status and outlook by D. Z. Sheffield


Other Invited Participants

A. G. Bullock | Charles R. Crane | Austin S. Garver | Charles G. Washburn

Doctor of Laws Conferred

Lebbeus R. Wilfley, First judge of the U. S. Court in China