Incredible Daydream: Freud and Jung at Clark
Clark University's former historian, William A. Koelsch, authored Incredible Day-Dream: Freud and Jung at Clark, 1909. In more than 50 pages it discusses Freud and Jung's trip to and lectures at the 1909 psychology conference at Clark University. Available from Clark University Archives for $5.

Residence of G. Stanley Hall
Worcester home of President G. Stanley Hall, where Freud stayed during his visit. Photograph from Clark University Archives.

Hall and Freud letters
G. Stanley Hall's renewed invitation to Freud and Freud's acceptance letter (in German). PDF of these letters and translation of Freud's reply.

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Psychology, Pedagogy and School Hygiene
September 6 - 11, 1909

These conferences were sponsored by Clark's department of psychology and department of pedagogy and school hygiene*.

Sigmund Freud delivered his Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis during the psychology conference—his only speaking engagement in the United States. The conference represented the first significant academic recognition of psychoanalysis, and Freud's lectures served to introduce psychoanalysis to a broader U.S. audience. Clark's distinguished reputation was part of the reason that Freud and Carl Jung decided to speak here; they were relatively unknown while Clark was highly respected. Clark President G. Stanley Hall was well known as a pioneer among American psychologists and had previously corresponded with most leading scientists in Europe at the time—including Freud. As a result, Hall was able to get Freud to come deliver the only lectures he ever gave in the Western Hemisphere. Freud's lectures at Clark propelled him towards becoming the well-known figure that he is today because his lectures brought him to the attention of a much wider audience.

Below are participants and lectures cited in the preliminary conference program (PDF).

1909 psychology conference participants

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Lectures and Participants

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Lecture (subject to be announced) by L. William Stern
Diverse ideals and divergent conclusions in the study of behavior in lower organisms by H. S. Jennings
The opportunity and need for scientific research in school hygiene F. B. Dresslar
The main problems of schoolroom sanitation and school work by Leo Burgerstein
Psychological problems in anthropology by Franz Boas
The method of teaching psychology in the normal school by Colin A. Scott
The content of the course in psychology in the normal school by Frank Drew
The nature and value of laboratory or experimental work in the teaching of psychology in the normal school by J. Carleton Bell
Co-education and hygiene with special reference to European experience and views by Leo Burgerstein
The dynamic factors in dementia praecox and allied psychoses by Adolph Meyer
Lectures (topics to be announced) by Sigmund Freud
Studies of association and mental hygiene by Carl G. Jung
The past ten years in experimental psychology by E. B. Titchener
Some remarks on the relations of body and mind by Leo Burgerstein
The experimental psychology of the thought processes by E. B. Tichener
Elementary psychology in the college: the preparation of the student by E. F. Buchner
Elementary psychology in the college: the aim of the course by E. B. Tichener
Elementary psychology in the college: the contents of the course by Joseph Jastrow and Steven S. Colvin

Other Participants

W. C. Bagley | B. T. Baldwin | Thomas M. Balliet | C. S. Berry | A. A. Brill | William H. Burnham | R. C. Cabot | J. McK. Cattell | A. F. Chamberlain | William E. Chancellor | C. Ward Crampton | G. E. Dawson | Elmer Ellsworth Brown | Sandor Ferenczi | G. M. Forbes | S. C. Fuller | H. H. Goddard | G. Stanley Hall (Clark University) | Paul H. Hanus | S. P. Hayes | E. B. Holt | Ernest Jones | William James | Hikoso Kakise | Sakyo Kanda | K. J. Karlson | E. A. Kirkpatrick | E. Katzenellenbogen | H. I. Klopp | J. A. Magni | James Huff McCurdy | Anna J. McKeag | Paul Monroe | J. P. Porter | James E. Russell | E. C. Sanford | Albert Schinz | Myron T. Scudder | C. E. Seashore | William S. Small | Edward L. Stevens | Thomas A. Storey | J. R. Street | H. P. Walcott | Arthur G. Webster | F. Lyman Wells | G. M. Whipple | L. N. Wilson | J. W. A. Young

Doctor of Laws Conferred


Franz Boas, Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University
Sigmund Freud, of the University of Vienna
Herbert Spencer Jennings, Professor of Experimental Zoology at Johns Hopkins University
Adolph Meyer, Director of the Pathological Institute of the New York State Hospital; Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School
William Stern, Extraordinary Professor of Philosophy at the University of Breslau

Education and School Hygiene

Leo Burgerstein, of the University of Vienna; Royal Professor in the Oberrealschule
Carl G. Jung, of the University of Zurich

*"School Hygiene is concerned with the conservation and development of the health of school children."—from School Hygiene By F. B. Dresslar