Physics and mathematics participants
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Robert Goddard
Robert H. Goddard (above), best known as the father of modern rocketry, and A. A. Michelson (below) attended the conference.

A. A. Michelson

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Science and Mathematics
September 7 - 11, 1909

Below are participants, lectures and degree recipients listed in the conference program (PDF)


Participants and Lectures

*Sur quelques progrès récents de la physique mathématique by Vito Volterra
*History of the alpha rays from radioactive substances by Ernest Rutherford
*The optical properties of metallic vapors by Robert Williams Wood
Landscape photography with infra-red and ultra-violet light by Robert Williams Wood
*Certain physical properties of the iron carbides, together with the inferences deductible therefrom by Carl Barus
Recent Advances in spectroscopy by Albert A. Michelson
Radiation from gases heated by sudden compression by Ernest Fox Nichols

*Published in "Lectures Delivered at the Celebration of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Foundation of Clark University Under the Auspices of the Department of Physics" By Vito Volterra, Ernest Rutherford, Robert Williams Wood, Clark Barus. Published by Clark University, 1912. Read full text here at

Other Invited Participants

E. H. Hall | Henry Crew | A. Wilmer Duff | William S. Franklin | M. I. Popin | William F. Magie | Arthur L. Kimball | A. P. Wills | C. Riborg Mann | John F. Woodhull

Doctor of Physics Conferred

Albert A. Michelson, Professor of Physics at the University of Chicago
Vito Volterra, Professor of Mathematical Physics at the University of Rome
Ernest Rutherford, Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Manchester

Doctor of Laws Conferred

Carl Barus, Professor of Physics at Brown University
Robert Williams Wood, Professor of Experimental Physics at Johns Hopkins University
Ernest Fox Nichols, President of Dartmouth College


Participants and Lectures

The role of postulational methods in mathematics by E. H. Moore
The homogeneous linear difference equation of order n with polynomial coefficients, considered from the functional standpoint by E. B. Van Bleck
Modern theories of integration by James Pierpont
The planet Venus by Percival Lowell The unification and continuity of mathematics in school and college The effectiveness of mathematic training

Doctor of Mathematics Conferred

Eliakim Hastings Moore, Professor and Head of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Chicago

Doctor of Laws Conferred

Percival Lowell, Non-resident Professor of Astronomy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
William Fogg Osgood, Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University
Edward Birr Van Vleck, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin
James Pierpont, Professor of Mathematics at Yale University


Participants and Lectures

Organic chemistry (topic to be announced) by Ira Remsen
Molecular Rearrangements of carbon compounds by William A. Noyes
The quinazolines by Marston Taylor Bogert
Organic qualitative analysis: its development and some of its applications by S. P. Mulliken
The acids of the phenyl-propiolic series and their condensation to naphthalene derivatives by John E. Bucher
Review of recent progress in biochemistry by P. A. Levene
A theory of organic chemistry founded on the law of entropy by Arthur Michael
Catalysis, on the basis of work with amido-esters by Julius Stieglitz
Organic chemistry (topic to be announced) by S. F. Acree
The base-forming property of carbon by James F. Norris
The laws of the action of enzymes by C. S. Hudson
Bakelite: its manufacture and uses by L. H. Baekeland
The teaching of organic chemistry by Marston Taylor Bogert
The need of revision in the laboratory course in general inorganic chemistry by Robert W. Fuller
Secondary school chemistry: content of the course by Jesse E. Whitsit
Secondary school chemistry: method of teaching it and content of the course by Michael D. Sohon
Review of recent advances in thermochemistry by Theodore William Richards
Physical chemistry by Harry C. Jones
Union between solvent and solute in solution and its relation to the modern theory of solution by E. W. Washburn
Studies on the Coulometer by G. A. Hulett
Correlation of the chemical courses in secondary schools and colleges by H. P. Talbot
Chemistry and chemical engineering for undergraduates. Chemistry in the graduate school by William A. Noyes
Relative amount of theoretical subjects (so-called) and of practical subjects (so-called) which should be included in the chemist's training by E. W. Washburn
Education (topic to be announced) by Arthur A. Noyes
Le Lutècium by Georges Urbain
The latent photographic image by Wilder D. Bancroft
The free energy of chemical reactions by Gilbert Newton Lewis
The organization of industrial research by Willis R. Whitney
Review of recent progress in radioactive chemistry by M. André Debierne


"Chemical Lectures Delivered at the Second Decennial Celebration of Clark University, in September, 1909, with a Preface by M. A. Rosanoff" Published jointly by Clark University and the American Chemical Society, 1911. Read full text here at

Doctor of Chemistry Conferred

Theodore W. Richards, Professor of Chemistry at Harvard University

Doctor of Laws Conferred

Arthur Michael, Professor of Chemistry at Tufts College
Arthur A. Noyes, Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Research Laboratory of Physical Chemistry in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
William A. Noyes, Head Professor in Chemistry at the University of Illinois
Marston T. Bogert, Head of the Department of Organic Chemistry at Columbia University

Doctor of Science Conferred

André Debierne, Director of Research at the University of Paris
Julius Stieglitz, Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Department of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Chicago

Biological Instruction

Participants and Lectures

The new Passaic nature-study outline by Gilbert H. Trafton
The revised grade plan—purposes and methods in biological nature study by C. F. Hodge
An ideal course in biology for the high school by William M. Walter
The New Jersey Science Teachers' Association syllabus for high school biology by Gilbert H. Trafton
Civic biology in high school by Jean Dawson
The purposes, methods and series of types in a college course in biology by A. D. Mead
The Clark College course in biology by C. F. Hodge

Doctor of Biology Conferred

Charles Otis Whitman, Head of the Department of Zoology at the University of Chicago

Doctor of Laws Conferred
Hermon Carey Bumpus, Director of the American Museum of Natural History and President of the American Association of Museums