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Registering for and Requesting Accommodations

SAS reviews accommodation requests from undergraduate and graduate students. To receive accommodations, a student must enter a two step process: Students must first self-identify and register with Student Accessibility Services. Then, they must request their accommodations every semester or year, depending on the accommodation.

1. Register with Student Accessibility Services

In order to access accommodations at Clark University, students must register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). To do this, you must:

  1. Self-Identify: Students must decide if they want to self-identify with their disability(ies) and disclose to Student Accessibility Services. If a student does not self-identify with SAS, accommodations cannot be requested.
    • If a student is going to request housing accommodations, they should also self-identify with Residential Life and Housing (RLH) while filling out any of their housing forms. For new students this means identifying their accommodation requests on housing forms as early as May. For returning students this means identifying their accommodation requests on housing forms in early February for housing the following fall.
  2. Submit Documentation: Students should provide the director of Student Accessibility Services with the necessary documentation.
    • New students should submit this documentation as soon as possible, ideally early in the summer before their first semester at Clark.
    • Students can submit documentation to SAS via any of the options under the SAS section of the Contact Us page. Please note that documentation can take up to two weeks to review. Documentation is considered confidential material and is housed in SAS, only office staff have access to this information.
    • Please see our Documentation Guidelines here.
  3. Intake Meeting: A requesting student then has an intake meeting with the director of SAS. During this meeting the director and the student will enter an interactive process where a student will be able to share on how their disability impacts them and why they are requesting the requested accommodations. If the director establishes that an accommodation is needed in order for the student to gain access to their Clark experience, then an accommodation approval can be made during that meeting. In the case of an accommodation denial, the director will inform the student on next steps if the student wishes to request the accommodation again in the future and/or offer alternative accommodations.
    • Returning students requesting housing accommodations should submit documentation as early as possible so they can have their intake meeting well before housing selection. If a student is requesting a housing accommodation for the fall they should aim to schedule their intake to take place between early February and early March, at the latest. So, a student making housing accommodation requests should aim to submit documentation prior to early February.

2. Requesting Approved Accommodations

After registering with SAS, approved accommodations are not automatically put into place each year. A student must request access to their approved accommodation(s) by filling out the forms discussed below. Filling out these forms informs SAS what accommodations the student wants access to and allows the student to give SAS their consent to reach out to appropriate offices to put the accommodations into place. Please note, approved accommodations are not guaranteed unless the request is made in a timely manner.

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations like extended time on tests and alternate format text are not automatically put in place after approval. Each semester a student approved for academic accommodations wants access to them they need to fill out an Academic Accommodation Consent Form. Doing so requests your accommodation for any given semester and also requests that SAS sends to your professors an Accommodation Letter. An Accommodation Letter details that you are registered with SAS and what your accommodations are. It does not discuss the nature of your disability(ies). Student Accessibility Services will make every attempt to send these letters within five business days from the date of the request.

It is vital that at the start of every semester a student also introduces themselves to their professors, especially to professors where in their class you'll be using academic accommodations. You should tell them a bit about you as a student, including your academic strengths and challenges. You might also want to tell them a little on how your disability impacts you in the classroom. Doing so can form a connection with your professor and make that class all the better! If you need help in this area of self-advocacy, please contact the SAS office.

For more information on accessing academic accommodations, like testing accommodations, please see our Policies and Procedures.

Housing Accommodations

Housing accommodations like medical single and rooms on the first floor are not automatically put in place after approval. Each year a student approved for housing accommodations wants access to them they need to fill out a Residential Life and Housing Accommodation Consent Form. Doing so requests your housing accommodations for any given academic year and gives SAS permission to reach out to RLH regarding your approved accommodations. For returning students, please fill out this form during lottery time, in April, when requesting your accommodation for the following academic year. For new students who just got approved, fill this out as soon as possible during the summer prior to moving to campus.

Fundamentally altering the nature of the course or program is not considered a "reasonable accommodation."

revised 7/11/17