Academic Advising

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Information Specifically for Incoming First-Year Students

Students are encouraged to self-identify as soon as possible after making their decision to attend Clark University.

Early Orientation Program:

An Early Orientation program begins one day before "Week One" (first-year student orientation). Students who have self-identified and follow the timeline below will be invited to attend Early Orientation.

The major focus of Early Orientation is to provide students and parents with an overview of Student Accessibility Services. Some of the benefits of attending Early Orientation include meeting and working with a Week One peer adviser before the incoming class arrives on campus, meeting other students attending programs that begin early, having some additional time to transition and navigate around campus, the ability to attend small workshops offered by various offices on campus, and forming lasting friendships with your peers as a result of attending a small pre-orientation program.

Timeline for Early Orientation

Student Accessibility Services encouraged students to self-identify and register with the office and for Early Orientation as early as possible. We will attempt to process any late requests, but cannot gaurantee that they will be accommodated.

May: Make a decision to enroll and submit disability documentation to the coordinator Student Accessibility Services. You must self-identify prior to June 15th to attend Early Orientation.

June 15th - July 1st: Schedule a summer meeting or telephone conference with Student Accessibility Services to discuss disability documentation, academic accommodations, early course selection, and registration.

June 30th: RSVP to the director of disability services regarding Early Orientation attendance.

July 30th: All meetings/conference calls to review disability documentation, accommodations, and course selection must be completed by this date.