Academic Advising

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Once registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS), students have many free services available to them here at Clark. One of SAS's goals is to help students develop sustainable life skills that will serve them during their time at Clark as well as after. The services offered have this goal at heart.


SAS works with students who wish to learn how to self-advocate for themselves via self-advocacy training. This can include one-on-one meetings on how to discuss a disability, how to talk with a professor, and how to present oneself in a professional manner.

Academic Coaching

SAS offers one-on-one academic coaching to students on a first come first serve basis in the areas of:

  • Problem solving
  • Organization and time management
  • Study skills
  • Assistance in implementing accommodations

Typically these meetings are once a week or once every other week for about 45 minutes, but they can also follow a walk-in model when SAS staff have time available. If a student wants regular meeting they are encouraged to schedule them at the beginning of the semester as time availability of SAS staff is limited.

Assistive Technology Training

SAS offers one-on-one training in the use of assistive technology (AT). SAS staff can train students in accessing text in alternate format. In addition, SAS staff can train students to use a variety of AT technology in areas such as:

  • Text-to-speech (TTS)
  • Speech-to-text (STS)
  • Study skills
  • Organization and time management

Academic Advisement & Course Registration

Incoming first-year students registered with SAS will have the SAS director as their Adviser over the summer before they start their first classes at Clark. During this summer this adviser can give out the PINs to students so that they can register for their first semester of classes.

After the summer prior to their first classes, all students, including ones registered with the office, will have faculty advisers assigned to them who will give out the PINs needed for class registration from then on. Even after this occurs, students registered with SAS will always have one of the SAS staff as their "Other Adviser." As other advisers, SAS staff will no longer be able to give out PINs to students, but they can still give valuable academic advising to students. Having a SAS staff member as an other adviser is powerful because they can offer advising from a unique perspective, specifically from the perspective on what the student's disability is, how it impacts them, and thus what classes may fit their strengths and challenges best.

Referral to Other Resources, on and off Campus

SAS works to refer students to the appropriate campus and community resources. SAS works closely with various departments on campus and is connected with various professionals off of campus.