Art History

Q: What courses should I take during the first year?
Students should consider taking ARTH 010, From Stone Age to Our Age (superior advance-placement performance can replace this course for the major, if desired) or any of the 100-level lecture/discussion courses. Click here to check Art History course availability. ARTH 010 runs only in the spring semester.
Q: If key introductory courses are filled, are there good alternatives?
ARTH 010 is offered every Spring and usually has a cap of about 70 students. There is usually plenty of room, but if it fills, you will have an opportunity to take it the following year. In addition, every semester several 100-level courses are offered in the areas of Ancient Art, Renaissance and Baroque Art, Modern Art, and selected Non-Western topics. First years are especially welcome in 100-level courses.
Q: Should students consider majoring in Art History and another discipline?
Because of its interdisciplinary nature, students may wish to double major in art history and another discipline. In recent years, students have double in art history and: history; psychology; studio art; geography; English. The double major in art history requires 9 courses (instead of 11 for the single major), normally consisting of 8 art history courses and 1 studio art course.
Q: Where should students or faculty go for more information?
Students and faculty can contact Kristina Wilson, Program Director for Art History, for more information.