Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Q: What courses should be taken during the first year?

The BCMB major is an in-depth study of overlapping fields, and requires background in both chemistry and biology. The curriculum is highly structured, and so you must be careful in planning your course of study. We strongly urge you to take at least eight full-semester courses in chemistry, biology, calculus or physics during your first two years. You should also consider getting an advisor from the BCMB program during your sophomore year or as soon as you know you want to be a BCMB major, since good course sequencing will help immensely in making the major manageable. See Core Course requirements.
Q: Is there a preferred sequence of courses students should follow?

Typical Schedule (Courses with labs are designated by *)
There are many possible ways through the BCMB major. However, it is very important to complete Introductory Chemistry in the first year, and at one of Calculus or Introductory Biology. Usually by the end of the second year, you should also have completed Organic Chemistry and either Introductory Physics or two required lower-level BCMB courses such as Genetics, Recombinant DNA or Cell Biology/Microbiology. However, it is possible to major in BMCB if you have delayed some of these (especially Physics or Cell Biology/Micro-biology or Genetics).
Click here to see Chemistry course availability, here to see Calculus course availability, and here to see Biology course availability.
First Year:
Fall: Introductory Chemistry I*, Calculus I, Introductory Biology I*, Elective
Spring: Introductory Chemistry II*, Calculus II, Introductory Biology II*, Elective
Second Year:
Fall: Organic Chemistry I*, Physics I*, Recombinant DNA*, Elective
Spring: Organic Chemistry II*, Physics II*, Genetics*, Elective
Third Year:
Fall: Biochemistry I*, Cell Biology* or Microbiology*, Elective, Elective
Spring: Biochemistry II, Biophysical Chemistry*, Elective, Elective
Fourth Year:
Fall: Research, BCMB elective, Elective, Elective
Spring: Research, BCMB elective, Bioanalytical Chemistry*, Elective
Q: If key introductory courses are filled, are there recommended alternatives?
Other courses that are offered periodically may also qualify for this list. Request for approval of such courses as electives for the BCMB major should be addressed to the BCMB Program Director, Professor Denis Larochelle.
Q: Where should students or faculty go for more information?

You can contact Professor Denis Larochelle, the Program Director if you have other questions.

Reviewed: 2/2017