Comparative Literature

Q: What courses should be taken during first year?
During their first-year students should consider CMLT 130: Studies in the National Imagination (offered Spring semester only). In addition, two courses in a foreign language at the intermediate level or above, or its equivalent as determined by the student’s major advisor is another requirement that incoming students should consider. Click here to see the Fall course listing.
Q: What courses should first year students steer clear of?
Students should steer clear of all 200-level courses offered in Foreign Language and Literature (including Comparative Literature). These are courses designed for students with advanced standing in one of the department’s majors.
Q: If key introductory courses are filled, are there good alternatives?
Just keep looking for a literature course! Remember, English courses count too!
Q: Where should students or faculty go for more information?
Professor Robert Tobin, Department Chair, can be contacted for further information.