Q: What courses should be taken during the first year?
Students should take ECON 010 in the fall semester, or even better, take a designated ECON 10 FYI as their First Year Intensive experience. Students should take the Math placement exam, to determine if they should enroll in either MATH 119 or MATH 120 (either meets the math requirement for the Economics major, but MATH 120 is preferred).

For spring semester, students can move on to ECON 011 and perhaps also a 100-level elective in spring, and/or ECON 160 (another required course). Click here to see ECON 010 availability.
Q: What courses should first year students steer clear of?
Most courses have strict prerequisites, so students must have ECON 10 before any other course, and ECON 11 before most of the 200-level electives.
Q: If key introductory courses are filled, are there recommended alternatives?
ECON 10 is the "gateway" course for all other Economics courses. The Economics Department offers many sections of the course each semester, traditionally having the course be available for all students who wish to enroll in it.
Q: Where should students or faculty go for more information?
Students can contact Professor Sang Hoo Bae, Director of the Undergraduate Program or Cindy Rice, Managerial Secretary.


Reviewed: 2/2017