Q: What courses should be taken during the first year?
Management majors have eight requirements that should be completed during the first and second years. It is helpful if students complete some of these foundation courses during the first year. Some Management majors may wish to immediately load up on Management courses, but we advise a blend of Management courses, and courses for the Program of Liberal Studies.
Appropriate Management courses for the first year include MGMT 100 (The Art and Science of Management), MGMT 101 (Principles of Accounting), MGMT 104 (Introduction to Management Information Systems) and MGMT 110 (Quantitative Methods for Managers). ECON 010 is also recommended as a first year course.
Q: Should Management majors explore the PLS during their first year, or should they focus more on the prerequisites for the major?
A few Management course requirements fulfill the PLS requirements (e.g., MGMT100 – VE; ECON 010-GP; MGMT104 & ECON160 – FA; MGMT 262 - VP). For those PLS perspectives not covered by the required courses for the major, the first and second years are ideal periods to explore the PLS, particularly since many required Management courses, including Management electives, are restricted to juniors and seniors.
Q: What are the guidelines for internships and/or directed readings for Management majors?
Although an internship is not required for the major, Management majors are encouraged to complete an internship during their undergraduate years. Most of our students take part in an education-enhancing internship and can receive academic credit for their work. The Clark Career Services office is an excellent resource in both the job and internship search process, and will work with students on perfecting their resumes, interviewing techniques, and conducting a successful internship search. Students do internships in the Worcester and Boston areas during the academic year, or elsewhere in the country or abroad during the summer.
If students will be completing an internship for credit, they need to complete the internship procedures as directed by the Office of Career Services. In addition, Management majors need to get their internships and directed readings cleared by the GSOM Director, Laura Burgess. Students must also find a Management faculty supervisor to oversee their internships/directed readings, if they are doing it for credit. Internships and directed readings do not count towards Management requirements.
Q: If key introductory courses are filled, are there good alternatives?
Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to the required courses in the Management major. If key courses are filled, students will simply have to wait until the next semester. Most students are able to take at least one required Management major course in each semester of their first year.
Q: How and when does GSOM assign advisors for declared majors?
Students are assigned a faculty advisor for their first two years when they arrive at Clark. The advisor may or may not be in the Management department. When a student declares his/her Management major, a faculty advisor within the Management department will be assigned at that time if needed. If students do not request a particular advisor, initial advisor assignments are made by the Program Director at the time they declare their major.
If students have advising questions regarding the Management program during their first two years, they are encouraged to contact the Program Director, Laura Burgess.
Q: Is there a preferred sequence of courses students should follow?
During the first two years, there is no preferred sequencing of courses students need to follow. However, ECON 010, ECON 160, MGMT 100, MGMT 101 and MGMT 110 are prerequisites for some courses that students will take in their Junior year.
It is important that students take the following courses in their Junior year, or the fall semester of their Senior year, since they are prerequisites for Applying the Art & Science of Management (MGMT 260), a Senior year capstone course. These courses are MGMT 210, MGMT 230, MGMT 240, and MGMT 250. MGMT 210 is only offered in the fall semester. While it is possible for students to take some of these courses concurrently with the capstone course, it is certainly preferable for them to be completed during the Junior year.
Q: What are the guidelines for students wishing to pursue the accelerated/fifth year MBA option?
Students who wish to pursue the accelerated BA/MBA degree may choose any undergraduate major at Clark. Students are encouraged to pick a major that strongly interests them and that they would like to study at the undergraduate level, especially since acceptance into the BA/MBA program is academically competitive and a decision is not made until the summer prior to the student's Senior year. Students can complete an undergraduate major in Management and go on to the accelerated MBA degree.
Some undergraduate Management courses will waive required graduate level MBA courses. Consequently, completion of those undergraduate courses will reduce the number of required courses in the MBA program and facilitate the completion of the degree during the fifth year. Students interested in the accelerated BA/MBA are strongly encouraged to take some of these courses (Management majors will take them as part of their major requirements). Two courses – ECON 010 and MGMT 110 (or if non Management Major MATH 113, MATH 119 or MATH 120) – are prerequisites to the MBA program. Students MUST complete these two courses with a grade of B- or higher prior to their acceptance into the accelerated MBA program.
Additional information is available in the Clark University catalog and on the Graduate School's Admissions' site. Students intending to participate in the accelerated MBA program should discuss their plan of study with the GSOM Program Manager as early as their first year at Clark.
Q: What undergraduate majors complement a minor in Management, particularly for students wishing to pursue the fifth year MBA option?
Any major complements a minor in Management and is appropriate for students wishing to pursue an MBA.
Q: What are the guidelines for students wishing to pursue the accelerated/fifth year MSF degree?
The MSF degree is a specialized degree. While students from any major can apply, the MSF degree is highly quantitative and students are strongly encouraged to take challenging quantitative courses during their first three years at Clark in preparation. Applicants to the accelerated MSF MUST complete the following courses during their first three years at Clark with a grade of B- or higher:
ECON 160 (Introduction to Statistical Analysis) or PSYC 105 (Quantitative Methods)
ECON 010 (Economics: A Comparative Approach)
MATH 120 (Calculus I)
MGMT 101 (Principles of Accounting)
MGMT 240 (Corporate Finance)

Due to the structure of the MSF program, students interested in the accelerated MSF degree must have room in their Senior year schedule to take three units of graduate course work. Advanced planning is required, and students are encouraged to meet with the GSOM Program Director early on to discuss their program of study.
Q: Where should students or faculty go for more information?
Students should contact Laura Burgess, Program Director, GSOM at 508-793-7744.