Screen Studies

Q: What courses should I take during the first year?
Students should plan to take four core courses: SCRN 101 Foundations of Screen Studies (to be taken as early as possible), SCRN 107 Introduction to Digital Filmmaking, (formerly Introduction to Video Production), SCRN 108 Introduction to Screenwriting, and SCRN 114 Writing About Film: Methods of Film Analysis (to be taken after SCRN 101 and as early as possible). You may also be interested in taking a 100-level Screen Studies course that does not have pre-requisites, such as SCRN 130 Film Genre or SCRN 121 Survey of International Film Before 1960. Click here to check Screen Studies course availability.
Q: If key introductory courses are filled, are there good alternatives?
Any 100-level survey History course would be a good alternative.
Q: Should students consider majoring in Screen Studies and another discipline?
Because of its interdisciplinary nature, students may wish to double major in screen studies and another discipline. You may also consider a minor in Screen Studies.
Q: Can students pursue a study-abroad option for major credit in Screen Studies?
Yes, many study-abroad programs offer courses that may replace major requirements. Contact the program director for approval prior to enrolling.
Q: Where should students or faculty go for more information?
Students and faculty can contact Hugh Manon, Screen Studies Program Director, for more information about the program, major and minor requirements, and finding a major advisor.


Revised: 2/2017